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Choosing Nannies and Babysitters as Child Care

When it comes time for you to head back to the office after having a baby, you have several options for child care. You could go the traditional route of taking your child to day care centers. While most day care centers are certified and wonderful environments for children, many parents feel more comfortable hiring nannies and babysitters to care for their children. If you have decided to go down the in-home child care route, here are some things to know about choosing nannies and babysitters.

  1. Check references. You can find many people out there who claim to be a babysitter or a nanny. You must check the references for all people you interview. Your child's safety is being left in the hands of another person; make sure you know your child will be well taken care of before signing a contract.
  2. Ask for rates. Many people think that nannies are expensive. The truth of the matter is that a nanny is actually very affordable. Nannies charge different rates for their services, so be sure to ask for the rate up front before hiring a nanny. Remember, more expensive doesn't always mean better.
  3. Determine the services. Nanny services offer one-on-one care for your children. Some nannies are like a babysitter and will merely watch your child during the day. Another type of nanny might actually tutor your children or take them to lessons. Determine the type of nanny services you are looking for before you start your search.
  4. Establish working hours. If you only need help for a couple of hours after school, then a babysitter might be a good option for you. If you need all-day help, then a nanny is a better choice. Look at your schedule and determine the hours you'll need and then decide if a babysitter or nanny is the best option for your family.

Choosing child care for your family is a decision that shouldn't be taken lightly. If one-on-one care and in-home child care is what you've decided is best for your family, then it is time to consider babysitters and nannies. Contact us today to find a nanny or a babysitter in your area. You'll soon have the peace of mind you need knowing your child is in loving and capable hands. When you can't be there, it's nice to know you can trust his care to a professional.

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